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FACES! Sebastian Weedon

FACES-SebastianWeedon 1

Anytime I’m working with a new model or actor, I make sure they’re comfortable in front of my camera. Because, you know, it makes a huge difference in the images if someone is nervous. There’s a few tactics I use once the session is underway, like positive reinforcement and being excited myself to be working with them, but the very first thing I do is explain my work style. This not only provides the model with expectations, but also gives them an opportunity to express if they have any expectations of me. And from there we can truly begin collaborating.

Meet Sebastian Weedon.

A fresh model out of Seattle, WA interested in telling stories with pictures. I can relate to that!

During his FACES! session, we combined his movement to pose modeling style with my verbal and non-verbal cues to get him a killer headshot for his book.


FACES-SebastianWeedon 4

FACES-SebastianWeedon 3

And just for fun, here’s how perfecting the key elements of a headshot can translate into a great shot that could be used for an ad campaign.

FACES-SebastianWeedon 2


Todd E. Swenson is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Tacoma, Washington and will travel down the street or around the globe to make amazing pictures for you.

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