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Maverick Usher 8

Portraits: Newborn Maverick

Say hello to Maverick. Born December 11, which makes him just 7-days-old at the time of his newborn portrait session. Adorable, indeed. The Usher family invited me to their home this past Sunday to make pictures of their growing family. I was, of course, thrilled to accept their invitation. After all, I had

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FACES! Joanie Deutsch.

FACES! Joanie Deutsch

The key to getting a killer headshot is communication. Whether I'm working with a new model or someone I've had the pleasure of working with in the past, I know that I must be able to communicate direction, listen to their feedback and make adjustments along the way. After all,

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FACES-SebastianWeedon 1

FACES! Sebastian Weedon

Anytime I’m working with a new model or actor, I make sure they’re comfortable in front of my camera. Because, you know, it makes a huge difference in the images if someone is nervous. There’s a few tactics I use once the session is underway, like positive reinforcement and being

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Lightroom: Workflow Review

The other day, I wanted to use Lightroom for my post photo shoot workflow, but had so many issues just getting the import function to begin working that I gave up and used Aperture, which continues to work beautifully and without hiccups. About a week and a half later, I

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FACES-Kesharra Weston 4

FACES! Kesharra Weston

The headshot is one of my absolute favorite portrait styles to photograph. And it's an essential picture for every actor or model. These pictures are captivating because they represent the performer's essence. The challenge to the photographer is to bring that essence to film (or in the case of digital:

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