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About the Photographer

I grew up in Bakersfield, California, and have lived in San Francisco and southern Oregon before moving to Washington in 2008.

Photography has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. But it wasn't until my senior year of high school when I signed up for a black-and-white photography class that I got serious about the art form.

As a photographer, I draw inspiration from a number of sources. I look at work done by other creatives such as photographers, filmmakers, architects, painters, sculptors, and fashion designers.

So what do else do I enjoy... a fine craft cocktail, exceptional bourbon, exquisite wine, traveling to exotic and interesting places, independent film, men's and women's fashion and attending live sporting events with friends, to name a few.

My photographic style is deeply rooted in my photojournalism and artistic backgrounds.

The primary principle of photojournalism is to document life as it happens - capturing individual moments to tell a story without becoming part of or affecting the subject.

As a photojournalist, I was trained to anticipate movement and emotion. My ability to anticipate these moments before they happen allows me to capture pictures that other photographers may miss entirely.

As an artist, I look for beauty in every single frame. I meticulously place each element within my frame through my choices of lens selection, lighting and composition.

The result is beautiful and evocative storytelling imagery.

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Portrait of Todd E. Swenson